Fire Theory and Training

In order to understand how fire extinguishers work, you first need to know a little bit about fire. Fire is a chemical reaction involving rapid oxidation (burning) of a fuel.

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Hardware Services

At Patrex, we take pride in providing our clients with the best in fire protection. We offer the most reliable supply, inspection and maintenance of fire safety equipment...

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Fire Risk Assesments

The fire risk assessment involves identifying the potential sources of ignition in the workplace and also the combustible materials that are present as part of the business operations.

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Welcome to Patrex Safety Solutions

PATREX supply and service fire safety equipment throughout the United Kingdom. As our name suggests, we offer a complete range of fire safety services for your business, from initial fire risk assessment through to the specification and installation of custom solutions delivered through the Uk. Working within the fire service for over 24 years and dealing with a number of specialist areas & fire safety issues.

PATREX has built a reputation for providing its customer's with the highest quality products and services. We have earned the continued confidence of architects, engineers, business owners and contractors in virtually every type of industrial, commercial and institutional facility with primarily fire training and fire risk assessment for these companies.

FIRE EVENT COVER is another area of the business helping deal with a number of events & festivals over the UK and South of England. PATREX crews are second to none and are existing fire and medical professionals with current qualifications/CPD and the correct tools for the job. The very best team to support your event.

PATREX also offers First aid training (HSE accredited) Med gas training. For all the courses available please click services above.

It has always been our goal to fulfil the safety needs of all of our customers and to aid them in controlling costs associated with all aspects of safety in the workplace. In conjunction with our full service mobile fleet, our qualified engineers perform on-site maintenance for all of your safety needs.

Whatever your fire safety needs are, we are here to help you meet them. Call Patrex Safety Solutions today for helpful advice and a free quotation.


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